About Jinx

My name is Krysta Cornelius and I write and create under the pen name Jinx Shadylane. I am born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio at the ripe age of 33.

“I’m trying to enjoy everything I have, while I have it. Are my ways to aggressive, some say progressive.”

I have a need to be myself …..my American Liberties to speak freely.

In this world, there are many ways we can go…but the world is round…

Which means that we go and if we keep going we will end up in the same spot. Instead of enjoying a new place to explore. With new people to meet.


Jinx Shadylane Backstory


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Journalistic Ideology

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Local Cincinnati School Allows Digital Devices in Classroom

Cincinnati School District creates a Bring Your Own Device Policy or BYOD.


Author Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s in Journalism
  • Bachelor’s Mass Communication
  • Minor in Writing
  • Specialization
    • Environmental Science
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