Conflicts Stimulate Communication

Identifying conflicts from other sources

Conflicts are a part of life, a way for humans to address issues within their own world. Throughout our history conflict has been the way in which ideas on opposite spectrum’s is given a voice or meaning. Conflict can be seen in literature, movies, television radio, print media and news outlets. These conflicts help shape our very own interpretations, giving a inside look into how our own life is perceived. Conflict themes can be diverse but traditional conflicts usually start with an individual.

Individual versus Individual is a classical conflict theme and this is the type of conflict we as humans often face as social beings. We all have our opinions and we all do not agree therefore this type of conflict can come in many everyday forms. Interaction with loved ones can often times create conflict, influenced by feelings associated with the actions that caused the conflict. Freedom of speech is a two way street. Demanding respect and the right to free speech means I must honor those same rites for others regardless of their position on the conflict.

Individual versusNature is also a conflict theme as humans often times adapt to climate change of changing environmental landscape. Our world is shrinking as resources are depleted and waste becomes a toxic breeding ground forcing people to think of how they treat the earth.

Individual versus Society is a conflict that all humans face as we are all social beings. Societies thrive because of social interaction and without conflicts unity would be non-existent. Take politics for instance without structure chaosis would occur. Rules and law ensure justice for fundamental human rights and conflict brings awareness to issues of inequality.

Individual versus Technology can also be a theme in conflict as our world is constantly adapting to new advanced electronics. Our world is rapidly changing due to technological advances and conflicts that arise with technology can be complex. The most visible conflict is the digital divide created with the infiltration of social media and smartphone usage. Technology has reached complexity that some cultures and societies have fallen behind. Younger generations are now the leaders and pioneers of technology leaving a large gap in communities as a whole.

Individual versus Self is a type of conflict that places humans in situations that cause them to struggle with tangible forces, such as eating habits, self esteem, addiction and overall self worth. These types of conflicts can come in forms of personal experiences or from experiences a community is facing like the war on drugs, which initially causes addiction.

Conflicts are presented to us in through multiple facets but the most prevalent venues in my life are the internet and broadcast-ed television in the form of news or information outlets. These venues bring conflict into our world but rarely presents a cut and dry solution. They rather seize to bring awareness to the problem so that humans can adapt their own points of view, interpretations and stance on the matter.

Television and the internet allows for the conflict to reach vast amounts of people from culturally diverse pools of intellect. What this does is open the conversation and hopefully through communication the conflict will allow interpretations, ideas, and concepts to be expressed ultimately generating a solution or resolution to the conflict. 

In the reading, conflict could be found in all of the literary pieces. “A & P” by John Updike was written in 1961 at a time of extreme change. Feminism and women’s rights flooded the popular or commercial culture and brought about conflict like never before. Although the political landscape is not outwardly written, the characters that bring life to the work allows for our imagination to take us into the mind of a nineteen year old male approaching adulthood. 

As all of us has had a similar experience, the descriptive tone and placement of words to highlight the visual engagement of the character Sammy.

Using Sammy a nineteen real old coming of age teen helps bring the conflict of woman’s rights to head as age shows clearly different views(Shmoop,2008). Sammy’s disapproval of his managers actions towards the girls in the store. The younger girls who seemed blind to the fact they were in their bathing suit pushed the societal norm by showing skin in public. Regardless to the girls intolerable behavior for the time period, Sammy is weighed down with conflict both internally and externally. Internal conflict driving his sexuality, changing how he perceives the scantily cad girls. Sammy describes the girls attire with great detail leaving the reader with clear visuals of the young girls.

Updike’s “A&P”(1961) writes from Sammy’s perspective, “They were off her shoulders, looped loose around the cool tops of her arms, and I guess as a result the suit had slipped a little on her.” This line highlights how these girls attire enticed the nineteen year old.

Allowing conflict to be expressed helps us gain valuable life lessons that help us on our life’s journey. These lessons create meaning as we adapt ideas that help guide us in our decision making. Conflict opens doors for understanding and growth hindering us from making the same mistakes again.


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