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My name is Krysta Ryan and I am a student at Ashford University seeking a bachelor's degree in Journalism and a bachelor's degree Mass Communication. I am from Cincinnati Ohio in which my professional experiences include Executive Management within the nonprofit sector and worked as a Social Media Manager which allowed me to gain a working knowledge of writing for newer digital platforms.
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Rites of Passage

: Krysta Ryan In my Cultural Anthropology class, rites of passage were first analyzed by the social scientist Arnold Van Gennep when he wrote The Rites of Passage in 1908 (Van Gennep, ([1908] 1966). He outlined principal stages in which humans move through a life cycle(Crapo,2013). As all humans transition through different stages of life often times … Continue reading

Racial Smog

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The effects from racial smog causes clear division in societies across the world and unfortunately the prejudice that derives from such beliefs are often based on simply skin color. When I think of smog, I think of pollution, smoke and haze that floats in the air making it hard to see through.…

Public No More: The Jesse Ventura Defamation Case

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News Media on Trial: Claims of Defamation   

The Amendment protects not only speech..but also “free exercise of religion, press, petition, and assembly.” Continue reading

Over One Billion Websites & Counting

The world’s populations have become flooded with digital computerized technologies that enable real-time communications, which renders information that is accessible and plentiful. One statistic claims over one billion websites are currently on the web, each curating some sort of media message or carrying out some sort of media agenda.  

Ohio’s Environmental Issues

JRN415: Methods of Research & Analysis in Journalism (CDK713DS)

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President Trump Tweets..“Negative Polls are Fake News.”

President Trump Tweets..“Negative Polls are Fake News.”
The tweeting Chief in charge, is the first President to have the technologies and communication abilities of social media. Continue reading

Digital Destruction of Socialization

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Who could predict a global phenomenon that would change the definition of the word “friend” and bring a social crisis that places previous ethical theories in need of a cyber-makeover. A market research firm interviewed by New York Times(2007), estimates that consumers in urban societies absorb 5,000 media images and…

Father of Boy Killed in Waterslide Accident and Raft’s 2 Other Occupants Issue Emotional Statements

Father of Boy Killed in Waterslide Accident and Raft’s 2 Other Occupants Issue Emotional Statements

2 Women in Same Raft as 10-Year-Old Boy Killed on Kansas Waterslide Speak Out

2 Women in Same Raft as 10-Year-Old Boy Killed on Kansas Waterslide Speak Out