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An Emoji Hate Crime? The Future of The First Amendment

Written by:  Krysta Ryan The Future of The First Amendment As Kravets (2010) explains, the nation’s first two appellate opinions differed on the matter of whether students have a First Amendment right in the online world beyond the schoolyard gates and the U.S. Supreme Court has never clearly addressed the parameters of off-campus, online student … Continue reading

Muckraking is still alive.

Written by:  Krysta Ryan Muckraking is a style or type of journalistic reporting that seeks out to uncover scandals, problematic relationships, and questionable behaviors of public officials and public elites. By publicizing information from the investigation, as to arouse the public and mobilize the masses to seek policy changes. There are three muckraking models-the simple … Continue reading

President Trump Tweets..“Negative Polls are Fake News.”

President Trump Tweets..“Negative Polls are Fake News.”
The tweeting Chief in charge, is the first President to have the technologies and communication abilities of social media. Continue reading

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