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April 24th 2016,

I told myself I would write every day and somehow I am so concerned an error will cause a huge embarrassment to some tagging link I had forgotten to turn off.

You know the random linking that you some how forgotten that you linked its posts..

So the wrong writing gets to the wrong social blogging page…

So I really want to start all over, now that I have been typing along for 2 years on http://www.wordpress.com I think I have determined which route to go…as far as digital Urban Journalism. But honestly as my good Romanian Colleague once phrased it beautifully…

to “wash my hair of “

Meaning get rid of ; do away with ; and/or to throw out…

I want to wash my hair of all the different social platforms and go to a simple one stop shop for all my different mindsets, personalities and voices.  But What is truly holding me back is this eerie thought of exposure and judgement.  From whom? I do not know. Probably all of them, her and you.

I am told too often to shut up, be quiet or bite my tongue…

Ill say it again and scream it in a whisper…You can not tell a writer, a journalist, a creator to shut up….It is impossible.

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