Tattered Love Notes& Scribbled Memoirs

“Writing is as important as having a tongue to say the words.”
Jinx Shadylane

The question above haunts a true writer. Perhaps because of the diverse ways of interpreting the word difficult. True writing is writing for writing sake. The loss of words and paralyzation of creativity is a frustrating ordeal. Stirring up the emotional timestamps of the last time writers’ block infected my brain.

The blankness of the screen is a blinding reminder of how exhausting and difficult the backspace finger dance becomes the deleting of words one by one word. There is a wave numbing in my hand. The tightened grip of this pen makes up for lost time. Scribbling of the jibbered context of the 90 page wide ruled notebook

Each page tattered and worn, hanging on to the spiral binding hoping the bottom half rips further from the perforated edge. The words or phrases are presented visually within the doodle creation, blending with and into each part of the page, It becomes difficult to find the start of and the end of each Mind Maze. The intricate designs seem more complex when my mind is freed of writers’ block.

The Classic trademark of a “Mind Maze” and the developmental uses are unrecognizable starts and finishes within the work its self. Paths of a “Mind Maze” will take a reader to a dead end thought. Causing readers to follow the chronological flow of the words- into phrases- ending in sentences that read together flow and make sense in structure and in sound.

Written and doodled multiple pages of size 8 by 11 and a mix of Art with Words, Words with Words or any other artistic penmanship consisting of text and doodles. The concept of the “Mind Maze”, similarly to other brainstorming concepts starts with an 8 by 11 size piece of paper and writing tool.
Each maze uniquely has its own path, generating a writing pattern to uncover phrases with meaning.

I also have some questions regarding publication processes. I will send you a link to originally tattered love notes, but these may help you

Link to:// Tattered Love Notes & scribbled Memoirs
Tattered Love Notes & Scribbled Memoirs, https://jinx513.wordpress.com/literary-theories-lets-study/uncover-conflicts/tattered-love-notes-scribbled-memoirs/

A Note on Paper…Jotted September 10th 1995

As I look into the mirror, I see my face,

My tear stained skin bloody patches of emotions

Just take my world and kill my spirit.

I looked down my nose between my broken glasses, a crushing smell of vulnerability.

When I pieced together each shattered part of the hourglass, tasteless blood rattled my tongue.

I could not spit,

Sweet and sour lingered long and haunted my senses.


September 19th 2015

I feel that my best friend hasn’t always understood me when I try to communicate.

My best friend sleeps so peacefully. I touch his arms, neck, and fingers. So I can remember the shape of the curve.

I miss when he would make me cry for doing SWEET things.

My best friend probably doesn’t consider me his best friend

My best friend is my only friend and I am okay with that because he is all I need.

My Best friend can go to bed mad, sad, tired grumpy and wake up with no tears.

I only want to talk to my best friend but when I start to talk no one is there.

My best friend is so generous with his heart and time, I often feel I don’t deserve him as my only friend.

My best friend is strong hearted anfree-spiriteded, but his anger towards the world is negativity.

My best friend never cries and when I did for the first time in front of him, he just held me.

My best friend can drive better than me and takes the wheel when I get nervous.

My best friend has an amazing family because they always forgive each other and talk again.

My best friend is carefree and spontaneous and I can never be that free.

My best friend would tell me everything or at least I thought so.

©The Insomniac Lounge



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